Why a Houston Limo is more than Just Luxury

The mere mention of the word limousine will immediately be associated with luxury of the kind only the very wealthy can afford on a regular basis. But a Houston limo is more than just luxury, it has many more attributes you should take into account when considering if you wish to indulge yourself with a limo ride.


Comfort Equals Productivity

If your party consists of business men on your way to a conference or a meeting you will find that a lot can be accomplished during a comfortable limo ride from airport to town. The inside layout of the limo will allow you to face each other making it easy to discuss the matters at hand.


A Houston limo provides adequate space to allow for easy use of laptops and notepads, especially if it is not filled to the maximum of its capacity. Even if you are not in town on business a limo ride may provide you with a valuable opportunity to talk about what you plan to do, find out more about places you will be visiting or just spend some leisure time along with the friends or family you are riding with.



Sometimes privacy is of essence. You may want to feel free to talk about delicate details of a business transaction or just wish to feel comfortable spending intimate time together. Whatever the reason, if you want to arrange for total privacy during your ride a limo is designed to do just that. With passenger compartment totally separate from the driver's seat and tainted black windows, you can rest assured that any goings on in the back will remain forever hushed up.


Seating Capacity

An executive stretch limo will comfortably seat 6-8 passengers, there are also super stretch with a max capacity of 10, the ultra stretch with 14 and even larger vehicles such as suv's and hummers. If it is important for you to have your whole party seated together in one vehicle, and if you are more than just four, a Houston limo will provide you with the appropriate solution.


The Scenic Route

Sometimes a ride can be much more than just getting from point A to Point B. A comfortable ride may offer a chance to view landmarks and take in scenery while being chauffeured by a driver who is well informed, easy to converse with and happy to supply interesting and useful info.