What Exactly is a Houston Town Car

Almost all limo companies in Houston also offer a Houston town car service.

While most of us have a pretty clear notion as to what we can expect from a Houston limo many are not so sure what exactly qualifies as a town car and what the differences are between a Houston limo to a Houston town car.

In order to better understand what constitutes a town car in Houston it is best to get to know a little about the first town cars and how they have evolved in general and in Houston in particular.


The Origins of the Town Car
The term "town car" was first used as a name plate marking the top of the line 1959 Lincoln continental mark IV 4 door sedan. Lincoln, a division of the Ford motor company, continued to produce new types and variations of its continental model right up to 2002.
In 1969 the "town car" nameplate officially became the sign denoting the most luxurious interior package. In 1981 the Lincoln Town car became a full pledged model all on its own. The Lincoln "Town car" inherited its "continental" model as the company's flag ship.
The Lincoln town car became very popular with companies offering chauffeuring services, this model is also many times converted into a stretch limo. It is due to this popularity that the term "town car" began to be used in this industry to describe any luxury four door sedan which can be booked in advanced will be driven by a professional formally dressed driver.
Much of the transportation to and from Houston airport today is conducted by Houston town cars. Town car services are offered by most of Houston's livery companies.


Major Manufacturers of Today's Town Cars
2013 promises to be a year characterized by noticeable changes in the fleets of Houston town cars.
The reason for this is the termination of production of two popular town car models - "Ford Crown Victoria" and the "Lincoln Town Car". Livery car companies are naturally on the prowl for best suited replacements.


Amongst Houston's livery companies it seems the options most likely to replace the above mentioned models are Cadillac's XTS (which is the company's flag ship and can be ordered with a luxurious factory livery package), Chrysler's town and country passenger van, the Chrysler 300 sedan, Lincoln's MKT and the Toyota Avalon.


In conclusion, the Houston town car is a livery vehicle available for hire from most Houston limo companies. The town car is used often for transport to and from Houston air port but naturally this does not nearly sum up the scope of the services in which it takes part.

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