Town Car to Houston Space Center

Why go to the Houston Space Center?

The Houston Space Center is your doorway to the NASA Space Center. It is a place where impossible happens, and you can experience the entire history of space exploration and flight from its origins in the early 20th century to this very day. With a tour of Mission Control, an Astronaut gallery and a special VIP tour of the famous Level 9, the Houston Space Center is one attraction that you don’t want to miss when you get to Houston.

How to get to the Houston Space Center?

Space Center Houston

You can get to the Houston Space Center in a number of ways. You can take a bus, or hire a Houston town car. Take into account that you should get there as early as possible to be able to take part in all the activities, shows and even the tram tours, which means that you should be there at 10 in the morning, or possibly even earlier.

This means that when you take a bus (and you are probably traveling with your family), you need to factor in waiting for the bus, and the walk from the bus station to the actual Houston Space Center entrance. The Space Center at 5 PM (or 7 PM on the weekends).


A Houston Town car is the way to go

All in all, it is easiest, most convenient and between you and me, the most comfortable to simply order a Houston town car. Not only are they reliable, and you can be sure of getting to your destination in time, but you also know that your very own Houston town car is there, ready and waiting to pick you up when you’ve finished your exhausting day at the Houston Space Center. And what better way of leaving the Space Center than in your very own private ride?

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