Replacing the Lincoln Town Car

The term town car is used to describe a sedan (almost always black) used in the livery business as a chauffeured vehicle designed to comfortably transport up to four passengers. This term has become so deeply coined that few of us are aware of its origins and ponder upon the correlation between it and the name of a specific model manufactured by Lincoln automotives, the Lincoln town car.


The First Town Cars
In 1959 Lincoln launched its continental mark IV four door sedan with the nameplate "Town Car" marking its most luxurious interior package version. In 1981 Lincoln began producing the" Town car" as a model in its own right and it quickly superseded the "continental" as the company's bestselling model .


Lincoln's Town Car model became extremely popular with limo companies who used them both as four door sedans and in their stretch limo versions. It is due to this particular model's popularity in the livery business that it's very name has become synonymous with the function it provides.


Nowadays anyone booking a Houston town car knows they will be getting a luxury four door sedan, true to the end of 2012 in 99 cases out of a hundred this sedan was either Lincoln's Town Car model or Ford's Crown Victoria. This is now rapidly changing since Lincoln has discontinued the production of the "Town Car" model at the end of 2011.


Which will Be the New Houston Town Car
Houston limo companies have been searching for candidates to fill the void aging Lincoln Town Cars will soon be leaving in the fleets. Some of the possibilities considered are the Cadillac XTS, the Toyota Avalon, the Chrysler 300 sedan and Lincoln's MKT. Discussions in industry conventions and online forums have yet to acknowledge the crowning of a new Queen.


It seems each of the livery packaged versions of the models suggested have their pros and cons. In the meantime Houston Limo companies have taken to stocking up on unused Lincoln Town cars. Since these sedans are proven work horses they are sure to continue filling the growing demand for Houston town car services until enough track experience is gathered enabling buyers to make more educated choices.


One of the main functions of the town car is in Houston is transportation to and from Galveston airport. There is no doubt that those booking such services will soon be met with more diversified types of vehicles.