Occasions to Consider Renting a Town Car

When most people think of renting a town car, they automatically imagine someone going to the airport.  While airport rides are indeed one of the most popular reasons people can have to rent a town car, it is far from the only occasion which can inspire a rental.  In fact, there are probably more than you realize!  Let’s look at a few of the other reasons that can make a person think about hiring a car and driver:


  • Cruise Ship Transportation – Going from Houston to Galveston and dealing with the port authority there is no simple matter.  If your cruise is going to be for a decent length of time, you’ll have to make arrangements if you make the drive using your own vehicle.  Much like for airport trips, town car rentals can also make sense if you’re going to or from a cruise line as well.


  • Transport While Your License Is Suspended – If you have a suspended license, you know that it is a silly risk to drive anywhere at all, and that you should avoid getting behind the wheel.  However, you still have obligations and important appointments that you have to keep, and not every city offers good public transportation options.  If this is the case for you, think about renting a town car and driver to take you to your most important engagements, rather than risk driving on a suspended license and causing further problems.


  • Rent a Town Car Instead of Driving Drunk – If you and some friends have gotten a little more wild than you intended during a night out on the town, and had too much to drink, do not get behind the wheel.  Instead, think about calling for a car and driver instead.  You will find that the rates are comparable to supposedly cheaper options, and that the level of service and discretion is significantly higher.


These are just a few of the many situations which can call for the hire of a town car and driver in Houston.  They certainly aren’t just for airports.  So call Royal Limo today, or click here to book service immediately.