How to Rent a Limo for Your Wedding in Houston?

An awesome way of getting to your Houston wedding is hiring a fancy limo to bring you and your husband to be to your wedding venue. Of course, before you go about hiring the car from the local Houston limo company, you should think a little bit about what you would like to rent, for how many people and how long, and a couple of other questions. Like what, you ask? Luckily, we are here to answer that:

1. How many people are there going to be in the rented limo?

As there are several types and sizes of limo cars in Houston, you need to decide what the optimal size is for your party. Are you going to be just you and your hubby? Are you having the bridesmaids along for the ride? Are his parents coming too? Once you know how many people you need to rent hire the Houston limo for, then discussions with the limo rental company become much easier.

2. How long are you going to need the limo?

Most limo companies in Houston rent limos by the hour. This means, obviously, that the longer you rent the limo the more you have to pay, while cutting down on the time that you are going to be renting the limo – because you don’t have to have the limo pull up outside your house 5 hours before you need to leave – also gives you more budget to spend elsewhere. Do not forget to ask about going over their allotted time too. As you might (well, ‘probably’ is a better way of putting it) run into delays on your wedding day, it is a good idea to know beforehand what are the penalties for running over the limo rental time limit, and maybe reaching a settlement with the Houston limo company beforehand.

3. Don’t put off renting your Houston limo until the last minute

During the wedding season, limo rental companies in Houston are usually booked solid for months. To make sure that you get the limo that you want, with the company that you want in Houston, we’d recommend that you rent the limo four to six months in advance of your wedding date. It may seem like a long time beforehand to do it, but it is far better to book a little early, than arrive in a friend’s sedan, because you didn’t book the limo that you deserve in time.