Houston Prom Limo – A Few Things to Think About

Prom is here, your hair is done, and you and all of your friends are ready to hit the dance in style. Hiring a Houston prom limo service is a fun and easy way to make your night memorable. But before you hire any Houston limo, there are several things to take into consideration:

Budget. Saying that prom is expensive is an understatement- between hair, makeup, dresses and tuxes, and tickets for you and your date, you may not have much money left over. Don’t be discouraged! There are plenty of limo services that are both professional and affordable, and can work with your budget. However, don’t find the cheapest service you can find or else you may find yourself scammed and without a ride.
Book early. Prom is the night where everyone wants to shine. Plan ahead and reserve your limo before the rest of the crowd so that you don’t end up having to get dropped off by your parents.
Know your crew. Make sure that the group that will be riding with you in the limo is a responsible one, and that they are people you know and trust. If anything is broken, damaged, or thrown up on, you may be held responsible for another person’s actions.
Maximum capacity. Know how many people are in your group and how many people your limo can hold. Although you may want to ride with your 50 closest friends, cramming them all into one limo will not only be uncomfortable but probably not possible.
Know your ride. Before you choose a limo service, make sure you know exactly what your ride is going to look like, both inside and out. Inspect the service’s website for detailed photos of their cars, or ask to see the limo in person before making your reservation.
Safety first. Find a service who prioritizes your safety above all else. A safe limo driver will help you stay out of alcohol-related accidents, and help your night stay memorable for the right reasons.
Whatever Houston limo service you select, make sure you and your friends know exactly what you’re getting from them. Use these tips to help choose the right Houston prom limousine for you.