Houston Hobby Airport System

Houston Hobby Airport

Houston Hobby Airport is Houston oldest airport, first being used in 1927 as a private air field. It became a public airport when it was bought by the city of Houston in 1937, and it has had a variety in names in its long history. First called W. T. Carter Field, in 1938 it was renamed Howard R. Hughes Airport, after the man that made a significant number of changes to the airport, including the building of its first traffic control tower.


However, that same year the airport's name was altered to Houston Municipal because Hughes was still alive, and it was against regulations to name an airport after a living person. Its current name was given to the airport in 1967, after former Texas governor William P. Hobby. If you are travelling to or from Houston Hobby airport, you will probably need to think ahead and organise a town car service.


Even though the airport is located in the southern part of Houston, it is a large city, and it would be impossible for you to navigate it without a town car. When thinking about the town car service for Houston Hobby Airport, there are several things that you will need to consider:


1.    Can you book in advance?
There are many services that offer town cars, but do not make their services bookable. This is because they will want to keep their options open each evening, rather than commit their cars to particular passengers. However, after a long journey, the last thing that you want to do is hope that there are enough town cars outside Houston Airport to take you home! By contacting the town car service company before you even leave for your flight, you will be able to ensure that there will be someone waiting for you.


2.    Are there extra fees for night-time pick ups?
Some companies put on an extra surcharge if they are picking someone up after a specific time, such as after midnight or before six in the morning. You need to make sure that you are aware of any possible extra charges, so that you have enough money on you to pay for the journey – otherwise you could end up having a very awkward conversation!


3.    Is there a waiting charge?
Sometimes flights just don't run to time – that's the way of the world. But you don't want to have the trouble of being delayed throughout your journey, finally escaping from the airport, and then discovering that the town car that you booked has not bothered to wait for you, or has waited but had the meter running the entire time.