From the Airport to the City – Which is Your Trip?

There are many various ways of getting to Houston from the bustling George Bush International Airport, one of the busiest air terminals in the US, which serves over 40 million passengers every year, equaling and amazing 100+K people per day. Among those options, obviously, each one should find the most attractive for him, depending on the thing he values most, and, of course, the nature of his visit of the city.

The Cheapest

People who are watching their budgets may consider taking public transportation, which provide buses from the airport to Houston and its vicinity. The Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority, with the moniker Metro, takes charge of dispatching buses from a designated terminal beside the airport, and bus rides only cost $1, with an option for a one-day pass at $2, giving unlimited use for a 24-hour validity.


The bus system runs across the city limits for most of the day and night the entire week, with bus stops on every other corner block along its route. The nice thing about riding the bus is that it gets you to virtually anywhere in Houston. There is also a possibility of taking the Metro Rail, which basically trudges a standard 7.5-mile route across the city.


It practically cuts across the city and passes through most of the important destinations and attractions, such as downtown, midtown, the museum district, parks, restaurants, bars and clubs. The fare is a flat $1.


The Quickest

For those who are on the move and value time more than anything else, the option of getting a public car seems the most appropriate. These cabs are conveniently available in strategically located terminals nearby the airport, and tourists could easily hail one or ask the airport porters and service personnel to get one for them.


The cabs have fares that are either based on the flat zone rates designated on different areas or the meter rate. It is important to note that the common rate in Houston includes a minimal late night surcharge fee and rates start at $20 when going to the city proper and up to $60 going to the outer fringes of the city. Senior citizens are afforded a 10 percent discount in their fares. However, there is another less-obvious way of getting to city quickly and easily.


It is called airport transfer. Instead of waiting for a cab, you can pre-order an airport pick-up at one of the companies offering this service. The car with a driver will await you on arrival and take you to destination of your choice. Those drivers are usually very competent and know their way around traffic to get you to your hotel as soon as possible.


The Nicest

And here is another option not many would consider. If you are visiting Houston on vacation, why not start sightseeing right away?! Some airport transfer services offer the possibility of selecting “the most beautiful” route instead of “the quickest” one. This way you can enjoy the sights of an attractive megapolis and its surroundings listening to noteworthy comments from a car driver about the history of the city and its famous landmarks.


You can also make corrections to your initial vacation plan based on the recent “inside” information provided by this driver-guide, which is always up-to-date and includes important tips for those that intend to spend a few nights in Houston. So, before you decide to take a cab or enter the Metro, consider this two-in-one option of getting to your hotel during an exciting trip to Houston. Enjoying a vacation is many times about spending you time effectively, so why not take an advantage of a sightseeing tour right on your arrival?