Free Tours at Houston Port

It might interest you to know that the Port of Houston is a port which will turn hundred years old in 2014 but one that has made a significant impact in it years of existence, much more than others around the world that are quite older. The Houston Port is ranked as the busiest port in international cargo in the US, so you have lots of vessels to see here.


A variety of tours

Authorities at Houston Port have several boat tours in place for both local and international tourists: an exploration of the 1-610 Houston Ship Channel bridge, the San Jacinto River, a ride on the Lynchburg Ferry across the Houston Ship Channel and the San Jacinto Battlefield. Another tour you should not miss is visiting the USS Texas.


The battleship served the US Navy from 1914 to 1948 is now a Museum Ship stationed in the Houston Port. If you wish to explore the port itself, take the Sam Houston boat tour that operates six days a week. Note: you will only be allowed to join the boat tour if you have reservations made ahead, you can’t join even if the boat is not filled to its 100 capacity at your arrival.


This boat ride is open to all ages, but a valid ID is required for every person over 18. The parking token includes a free beverage on your return journey.


It's Free!

The fact that it’s a free tour is amazing considering the facilities available to enjoy and the sights to see. Air-conditioned lounges, standing room on the rear deck and, of course, perfectly clean bathrooms are all part of the deal. You be made to better understand your ride with narrations from the friendly crew members accompanying you on the tour.


Getting there

Visiting the Houston Port is a fun-filled family activity and a memorable one indeed! You can get to the Port of Houston by public transportation, but it is not very much advisable. Car owners should take exit number 28 from the I-610 East Loop (Clinton Drive). But the best way to get to the port of  Houston is by town car, avoiding all the hassle and the stress of navigating through unfamiliar roads.


Royal Limo service offers you a perfect option of spending a family day out: enjoy you ride in a Limo, enjoy the port, enjoy the drive back – enjoy your vacation!