airport transportation

Airport Transportation – Town Car or Limo

Welcome to Houston, Texas, one of the state's main business as well as vacation hubs. Presuming you are on your way to either one, business or pleasure than you probably arranged in advance a decent hotel to stay at. Odds are that you also filled up and effectively planned your schedule in order to get the most out of your visit. The only thing you left open is how to get to downtown Houston.

Airport Transportation option I: Use the bus

As per the majority of all international airports around the globe, there is always a minimum of four ways to reach the city from the terminal. The most common and usually cheapest way is via the local bus services, which will deliver you up to the hotel's door, or at least to a bus stop close by. Runner up is the local train or metro services, still cheap, but as the service is kind of attached to a railway, a short car or bus ride will be needed from the station to the hotel.

Airport Transportation option II: Get a rental

For a more personal approach and respectively more expensive service, there are 2 more methods. You can always go to rental services. That way you ensure yourself an available car 24 hours a day, but you will need an effective GPS service in order to avoid getting lost in translation, so to speak.

Airport Transportation option III

Last, but certainly not least, are the public car services. If you are in the rush and short with cash, the fastest and most cost-effective way is the standard public car services, always on the stand for you. But it will be wise to take into consideration that the drivers might not always be nice and polite as they spend long shifts with all kinds of clientele.

And here we arrive at the most expensive by cash yet most effective by all other matters, the inevitable Limo. Maximum comfort, special tailor-made treats, and a professional driver committed to letting you take advantage out of every dollar you spend. In addition, the Houston Limo drivers, at least most of them, can serve as tour guides as well.

Thanks to them you can get some local tips, the kind that you cannot find on the internet or all of the printed travel guides. So next time the flight captain announces his warm welcome upon arriving to Houston, make sure you make the right decision concerning the method of transportation from the airport to the city center.