3 best ways to get to Houston via airport transportation

So, your flight has just landed and you are getting ready to launch your visit to the fascinating city of Houston, Texas. All that is stopping you from getting to your hotel or business conference that you are about to attend, is a form of transportation. When it comes to transferring from the airport to your destination, whether it is Houston or any other city round the globe, the question on hand is time vs. money, what comes ahead of what?

Getting to the city via airport transportation

See, 95 percent of all international airports worldwide offer various ways of getting to the city and vice versa, with the 3 most common are bus, train and a car service. Of course there is a 4th option, and that is car rental, but we assume that you are exhausted from the flight and want to focus on the upcoming business meeting or take full advantage of your vacation and avoid spending valuable time parking and refueling.


Now let us examine the above mentioned methods. The cheapest option is the bus ride of course. Just like the flight, it doesn't matter whether the bus is full of people or you are the only person around, it will hit the road towards downtown Houston on the dot of his mandatory schedule. His route will include all major hotels, business hubs and touristic locations.


Missed the bus? There are more airport transportation options

In case you just missed the bus and you do not have the privilege of waiting for the next one to come along, you can try your luck with the Metro system. The cost is pretty much similar to that of the bus and so is the mandatory schedule, but of course, the route to town doesn't get as close to the major relevant sites but rather more chosen strategic stations.


So after we have tried two out of the three Houston airport transportation options, we are left with the last one. Now here is the deal. You eventually pay a little more or even a lot more, but then you get the full treat. For a little more you can get a standard service that is at your stand whenever you arrive and will deliver you to the very point in downtown Houston, as accurate as any GPS.


Want maximum comfort as an airport transportation option?

By the way, if you are willing to fork out just a little more cash, the best way to kick start your visit to Houston, with maximum leisure and comfort ability, is a driver that is also a personal guide. It is the perfect transfer from your long flight to the opportunities waiting for you on the ground. In other words, the limo service will make you report- Houston, no problem!